• My daughter Ira, got admitted to the school in the 2nd term. But the teachers made her feel very comfortable. She enjoys all the activities, videos and online sessions. Thank you all the teachers and staff members.

           Priyanka Nargalkar (Nursery Parent)


  • Wherever possible the teachers are meeting the parents and resolving their queries regarding child’s studies and behavior.

           Thank you very much teachers.

           Sham Palake (Nursery Parent)


  • All the efforts regarding assessment of work pages are appreciable. Teachers are personally looking into whether all the sheets are submitted by the parents. Teachers are also giving their reviews and motivating students for their work. It’s really great. Thank you once again.

           Asmita Deshpande (Junior KG Parent)


  • My child enjoys all the activities as well as online sessions with the teachers. He eagerly waits to meet his teachers. Thank you to all the teachers.

           Manjusha Wattamwar (Junior KG Parent)


  • The MS forms is a good way to check on the child’s understanding. My child enjoys this practice activity a lot.

           Aniruddha Galgale (Senior KG Parent)


  • Thank you teachers for the weekly sessions. My daughter is enjoying these sessions as it gives her a feeling of attending school.

           (Senior KG Parent)