• Staying safe at home has become the most important part of our lives.
  • We salute all the corona warriors for striving at the forefront and for their invincible fortitude.
  • Amidst the outbreak of covid-19, we pray that every person associated with the Bhavan’s family is safe and sound. But not at the cost of our student’s learning process.
  • We continue to remain committed in our efforts to ensure that learning for our students continues during these trying times.
  • B.V.B’s Paranjape Nursery School Staff is positively available over phone calls and emails to resolve queries of our parents.
  • Parents who wish to connect with the school’s Headmistress or Teachers can also approach the staff for details.

Education/ Learning in the times of Covid-19

The Covid-19 situation forced the world to come to a halt. But the learning process at BVB’s Paranjape Nursery School continued. Our qualified teachers ensured that the classroom fitted into the mobile screen and reached our children.


  • Upskilling and motivating Teachers
  • Simple age appropriate activity videos to watch at child’s convenience
  • Live interactive online classes
  • Parenting / counselling sessions for parents
  • Personal connection between Teacher and Children
  • Creating a consistent routine for children
  • Monitoring child’s engagement
  • Festival celebrations
  • Extending a helping hand to all parents
  • Various competitions to ensure holistic development of children